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Create Your Own Flyer for Free Online!

Our easy to use Flyer Creator let's you design your own Flyer!

In just 2 simple steps, create your Flyer for free online in seconds!

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Flyer Maker Online - Design your Own Flyer online free!

The Free Flyer Creator lets you make your own Flyer design online for free. Choose from thousands of free Flyer designs that you can change online and download for free. You can also print it at home.

Flyers can be designed online and for free. Make one right now!

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In seconds, you can create your own Flyer design online. Choose your Flyer style, font, and customize it for free in seconds with the #1 Free Flyer Generator. Get your Flyer right now!

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Create A Flyer in Seconds!

It is now time to obtain your new free Flyer! Start the free Flyer Maker and download your new Flyer design right away.

You can create your own Flyer in seconds for free!

Our Flyer Maker was created with a single goal in mind. Giving people the ability to create professional flyers without having to consult a graphic designer or hire a freelancer. You can choose from thousands of high-quality Flyer templates in our Flyer Creator, which you can quickly customize online. You can search for Flyer elements, combine them, add text, change the color scheme, and perform other actions. It’s easy to understand. It is now time to create your own Flyer.

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Free Flyer Maker.
Create A Flyer for free Online

Using the Free Flyer Maker Online, you can create your own Flyer design for free! Choose from thousands of free Flyer design templates that you can customize online.

Simply follow our three steps to create your Flyer online.

1. Choose a free Flyer design
2. Create your flyer online.
3. Save your newly designed Flyer to your computer.

Free Flyer maker online
Free Flyer Maker online

Our Free Flyer Generator allows you to create a free flyer online!

Let’s get started on your own flyer design right away! Simply choose a free flyer design you like, customize it with our free Flyer designer, and download it! We will send you all of the files you need! You will receive a high-resolution PNG en JPG image of your design, as well as an svg & eps vector and a PDF!

Want to Design a Flyer for free? Read our tips first!

8 ideas and tips for creating an eye-catching flyer

No matter how big or small your company is, flyers can be a cost-effective and effective way to promote it. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, 52% of leaflet or flyer recipients directly respond to the advertisement by visiting the business or requesting more information.


1. Establish a focal point

What’s the first thing you’d like people to notice about you? First and foremost, engage the readers with that focus. Use the following to create a one-of-a-kind focal point:

A bold, yet professional, look. It’s critical that the images you use are of high quality. If the pictures are dull and unclear, the readers will find your message to be dull and unclear as well. Always use images that are high-quality, crystal-clear, and colorful to draw attention, set a mood, and support your story. Using an image as the focal point of your flyer can effectively draw people in to examine it more closely. There are numerous free stock photos available on the internet.

Colors that pop. Use colors that are both consistent with your brand and have a strong visual impact. If you’re using a large image, look for a color that’s subtle but vibrant. Maintain consistency in your color scheme for your flyer. If you use too many colors, your flyer will become distracting rather than eye-catching.

The font style and size are appropriate. Your choice of lettering is crucial in establishing the focal point of your flyer. If you use the right font style and size, a great image and dazzling colors will look even better. Whatever you choose, make sure the text is readable, clean, and consistent with your brand. Experimenting with fonts too much may not be a good idea. It should be your top priority that people can read what your flyer says. Use no more than two fonts throughout your flyer for a more cohesive look.


2. Communicate with your intended audience

Do some research to determine your target audience before creating your flyer. This will help you tailor your message and tone to the types of customers you want to attract. You want your flyer to stand out, but you also want it to catch the attention of your target market. If you’re trying to appeal only to car enthusiasts, for example, using specific terms and descriptions will help your flyer attract people who are looking to buy a car. Also, instead of “we,” “us,” or “I,” write from their perspective and use the words “you” and “your.”


3. Concentrate on the advantages

Getting your customer’s attention isn’t enough. You’ll need them to stay for the duration of your message. Reward their attention to keep them interested. Answer the main question on your prospects’ minds: “What’s in it for me?” Find ways to explain why you’re a better option than your competitors. You can outsmart the competition by using words like “free,” “save,” and “guarantee.”


4. Keep the content straightforward.

When it comes to making eye-catching flyers, less is more. Remember that you only have a few seconds to grab your potential customers’ attention, and another one or two seconds to hook them with your product. That’s why you’ll need succinct, to-the-point content that explains your product, its benefits, and other key details. Don’t overcrowd your flyer with images and text. Consider the following when creating short but effective content:

A catchy title or headline. Using a few carefully chosen words, make the headline catchy or provocative. Use words and phrases like “The Secrets to,” “Unlock,” “How to,” “Discover,” “Proven,” and others to get creative.

Make use of action words. Use active verbs to make your product offering even more exciting. Use active voice instead of passive voice.

Make use of bullet points. Instead of long paragraphs, present the text, particularly the benefits, in easy-to-read and digestible bullet points.


5. Provide discounts or special offers

People adore bargains and discounts. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly 90% of consumers are influenced by promotions when it comes to the amount they spend and the items they buy. Customers will be more interested in your flyer if you include a coupon or a promotional offer. Offer people discounts or coupon savings that they won’t be able to resist or find elsewhere. By customizing flyer templates available online, you can create amazing flyers with coupons for your business.


6. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action.

After you’ve delivered your message to your audience, tell them what they should do next. Encourage your audience to take immediate action—to order right now, call right now, visit your website right now, and so on. Encourage them to be enthusiastic about what they’ve learned from your flyer. Be specific about how you’d like them to interact with you. Include important information about your company, such as its website, contact information, and location.


7. Use high-quality printing.

The final print is another important aspect of creating attention-getting flyers. A high-quality print finish is just as important as the rest of your flyer’s content. A glossy finish and high-quality paper on your flyer can help make a good first impression and reflect the quality of your products or services. Lucidpress can print high-quality prints of any design you create in our software, making this step simple. If you’re printing your flyer at home, make a test print to ensure that all of the elements are in place.


8. Embellish

Consider creating a 3D effect that is not only eye-catching but also appeals to people’s sense of touch if you want to take it to the next level. It’s great that it looks good, but it’s even better if you can get people to want to touch your flyer. To make your flyer more fun and creative, emboss your focal point and other important design elements.


The most important takeaways

A successful flyer has a perfect balance of clear messaging, eye-catching design, and flawless execution. Consider what you would prefer as a reader to avoid using dull or over-the-top language or design elements. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. What do you consider to be a compelling offer? What would make a business flyer impress you? You’ll be able to make flyers that are both useful and memorable after that.

Are you ready to create your own unique flyers? These free flyer templates are an excellent place to start.